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American Flyers Buckeye, January 1962 Chemical Engineering News Chemical Week Employee Recreation Forbes, August 1960 Front Page Detective Goodyear Annual Report 1960
Goodyear Cobalt 2 Goodyear News, Jan 1961 Headquarters Detective Hells Own Master Highway Highlights How Pictorial Inside Detective Investor's Reader
Real Detective Junior Scholastic 35 2 Modern Man Modern Plastics Motor Trend Newsweek, November 28, 1960 Popular Mechanics, December 1960 Road Haulage, December 1960
Roto, December 4, 1960 C&EN, June 12, 1961 Skiing Sports Cars Illustrated, January 1961 Sports Illustrated, September 12, 1960 This is Colorado Tire and TBA Review, February 1961 Texas Game and Fish, October 1952