Lee’s pictures have appeared in more than a thousand American newspapers and several hundred magazines, including cover photographs for major consumer magazines. His pictures have also appeared in books—from how-to photography manuals to encyclopedias, textbooks, and photo collections of famous movie stars, musical notables, political standouts, and a number of American Presidents.

Earlier pictures have been displayed in traveling national photographic exhibits and one-man shows. His photographic awards and honors include:

  • Best in Industrial Color, Kent University, 1961
  • National Press Photographer Association Travel Show of award winners, 1960
  • Colorado Press Photographer of the Year, CPPA, 1959
  • Best Spot News Picture, Texas AP, 1955
  • Best Pictorial Picture, Texas State Fair, 1954
  • Best National Photograph of the Year (tied for sixth), Associated Press, 1953
  • Best Picture in Show, Texas State Fair, 1953
  • Best Feature Picture, Texas State Fair, 1953

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Adlai Stevenson Ajijic Bulls Ajijic Bulls 2 Andorra Bertie the Hippo Boris and Fanci Boy with Kite  
Chapala Colorado Costa Brava Emergency Room Flamenco Jet Scramble Jet Trails Louisiana Wall
Madrid Square Moon Scape Mother Goose New Mexico New York Olympic Trials Six Ricky Nelson Serrano's Bar
Seville Bridge Spanish Beach Test Track The Game Warden Track Loser Uncle PT Wants You Toothless Man Washington DC Monument
British Shoppers 1 Buckingham Guard 6 Cambridge Boats 2 Flower Balls Las Vegas Neons Las Vegas Wynn 1 Manor Downs 3 Mexican Fireworks 3
Virginia Laughing Horse Buckingham Guard 6 Stud Farm Pup 3 Virginia Colonial 2 Virginia Team of Oxen Virginia State Flags Air Force Scramble 2 Cambridge 1
Leeds 4 Buckingham Guard 3 Jenna's Birthday Yer Outa Here! Fruit Stalls Cambridge 5 Panther Snow Cap DC Mall Trees 3
Moon Westminster Area 3 Virgina Wagon & Horses Goodyear Ring Around the Rosie Stud Farm Mare 2 Westminster Area 1 Goodyear Lit Tires 2 Virginia Hats
Indiana Jones, Disney World Pelican 2 Gopher Mounds Yellow Flowers Lightning 1 US War Cemetary George Washington Monument Leeds 2
Disney Scene 1 Ice Cream Parlor Las Vegas, Luxor Horse Face Kiddy Soccer 1 Spain, Andorran Sheep 1 London, The Eye 1 Floating Swan
      Canterbury Briefcase Bump Big Ben 2 OXOXO Ranch Dog & Stalls Kiddy Soccer 2

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