Books in Progress

As one might expect, Lee has a number of writing projects underway, some almost finished, some partially written, and others plotted but as yet unstarted. Current works include:

The Stiff’s Upper Lip — A light mystery set in southern Spain. An unlikable Englishman is murdered during a long, drunken house party in a small tourist village. Local Guardia Civil troops swoop in to corral and investigate our hero and several other survivors of the festivities. Soon another body pops up and the Guardia noose tightens. Expatriates, bullfights, romance, Guardia Civil. Finished and ready for consideration.

Olympia ’36 — Nazi Olympics held in Berlin in 1936—the Olympics of Jesse Owens, Glenn Cunningham, and Eleanor Holm, with a spy story connection involving a young American athlete. Hitler, Nazis and Bill Donovan, the eventual leader of the wartime OSS. Spy story and Olympics intertwine until both climax at the end of the Games. Finished and ready for consideration.

Escape From Elmira — A Civil War book currently underway. A trio of Confederate soldiers are captured in the Battle of the Wilderness and sent to a Yankee prison pen in Elmira, where they are subjected to mistreatment in retribution for Andersonville. They escape, aided by a sympathetic Yankee woman, and make their way through enemy lines, but they’re too late. Appomattox has ended hostilities. Plotted and half completed.

Old Spies Never Die — Possible first for a series, starring a young anthro professor and his retired superspy Texas uncle, Justin Fairchild. Several of Uncle Justin’s former CIA mates (three men and a woman) come out of retirement to help track down biological weapons stolen from a bunker in Arkansas. Culminates with an exploding oil refinery in Houston. Finished and ready for consideration.

Pryor’s Ark — A man on the run with his young daughter hides in a peculiarly backward village in New Mexico, where he helps a dotty old man build an ark in the middle of the desert. Filled with charming village life and odd characters, but with an undertone of menace. Assassins track him down and the Ark plays a strange roll in the denoument. Finished and ready for consideration.

Steal the Swallow — Another World War II book,. An American aviation engineer and a hot British pilot are parachuted behind German lines to locate, study, and if possible, steal one of Nazi Germany’s new jet planes, the Me262. After hardships and close calls, they find the jet, but the pilot is wounded and the unskilled engineer must fly them to safety with the German air force in pursuit. Plotted, as yet unwritten

Land of Eagles — Two Colorado couples, fed up with life in the fast lane, head for a summer in the mountains to see if they can be one with nature and escape their pressure-filled existence. But they run into problems, first petty things like jealousy, insensitivity, and laziness, then the problems increase—a longtime hermit devils them deliberately, followed by dangerous escapees from a nearby reformatory who chance to find their camp. Finished and ready for consideration.

The Last Resort — An elderly woman, Maggie, facing a painful death from cancer, anonymously hires a hit man to track her down at an island resort and kill her. A hero on verge of a nervous breakdown comes to the same resort. In this homage to old-fashioned “closed-door” mysteries, where people die but no one can contact the police, the hit man—through a comedy of believable errors—kills just about everyone in one delicious scene after another except for Maggie. Finished and ready for consideration.

War Dogs — Animal story. After a plague wipes out all humans (except a few albinos), we follow an assortment of family pets as they discover they are alone, slowly learn to survive and feed themselves. They end up creating a new society, and fending off predators, both animal and surviving human. Unwritten, but researched and plotted.

The Cotton Navy — Another Civil War book. A riverboat captain and his freedman black first-mate steam up the Red River with a humongous load of cotton for Texas, with the Union navy, unscrupulous carpet-baggers, and scalawag Rebs in pursuit. On the way, the riverboat rescues young girls from a southern school for ladies and they end up crewing for the captain. Researched and plotted, but not written.

And two romance novels using pseudonym of Joy Beverlin:

Bells of San Blas — A romantic mystery set on the west coast of Mexico. A young woman on vacation is startled when a man stumbles out of a cane break in front of her car and dies in her arms on the road. She is even more confused when an angry man, obviously American, appears and orders her to leave. Colorful tourist country, a wealthy Mexican family, a ranch that possesses strange caves and frightens villagers with odd lights late at night. Plotted and partially written (about five chapters).

Whisper the Wind — A young woman takes a job as architect on a rich Idaho farm to turn an antique barn into a showplace residence. She is met at the airport by an arrogant young man in his own antique biplane. There is chemistry here, but as usual, misspoken words and mistaken impressions keep them apart through most of the book. A good look at life in the Pacific Northwest. Written, ready for consideration.